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What Do I Need to Prepare for Learning Equestrianism?

In terms of equipment, comfort and convenience are important. You should prepare a set of equestrian apparel wholesale and equipment for yourself, including pants, shoes and leg guards, riding gear, and most importantly, a helmet and gloves to protect your safety.

1. Equestrian Apparel and Equipment: Pants

Many equestrian enthusiasts choose English riding breeches, which are comfortable, elastic, and durable. Breeches can be divided into half-leather and full-leather styles. Half-leather breeches have reinforcement fabric on the inside of the knee, while full-leather breeches have thickened leather on the hips and knees, as these are the areas that experience the most wear and tear when riding. Nowadays, synthetic leather, known as microfiber, is commonly used for breeches, which have the appearance of leather and superior physical performance. If you are an unprepared beginner, it is best to choose loose, comfortable, and highly elastic sport pants, as riding can be quite vigorous.

2. Equestrian Apparel and Equipment: Shoes and Leg Guards

As a beginner, you may not have all the necessary equipment for your first ride, and can wear sports shoes that fit well. However, if you are serious about learning equestrian skills, it is necessary to purchase riding boots. English riding boots typically have a heel to protect the ankle and allow for flexible movement. Leg guards are more professional and are worn with show jumping pants to reduce friction, preventing injury to the sides of your calves due to excessive tension.

3. Equestrian Apparel and Equipment: Riding Gear

There are not many restrictions on equestrian apparel, but in cold weather, it is best to choose outdoor professional materials that are warm and breathable. The length of the upper garment should cover your hips, and it should not be too tight or too loose. In addition to sweating, it is also important to stay warm during winter rides, by wearing sportswear that wicks away moisture, fleece or knitted garments as mid-layers, and windproof, waterproof, and breathable jackets as outer layers.

4. Equestrian Apparel and Equipment: Helmet

This is the most important piece of equestrian equipment. When participating in equestrian training, a helmet is essential to protect your head from injury. Unlike other types of helmets, equestrian helmets are designed to break apart under a certain impact force to reduce damage. There are many different types and prices of helmets available, but it is recommended to purchase one that meets international standards.

5. Equestrian Apparel and Equipment: Gloves

During riding, you must hold the reins with both hands. In the beginning, it is normal to feel nervous, causing you to grip the reins tightly, which can lead to hand injuries after just one lesson. Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to prepare equestrian gloves to help alleviate this problem.