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Analysis of the Evolution History of Horse Riding Attire

Horse riding attire is a kind of special clothing that appeared with the birth of equestrian sports, and has a history of hundreds of years. With the gradual expansion of equestrian enthusiasts, the dress on the racetrack has changed, and even played a cross-border with fashion.

1. The history of horse riding attire

Equestrian has been popular in Europe for a long time, and it is an elegant sport in which participants dress up. As early as 1500 BC, the ancient Egyptians had already started horse riding competitions. In ancient Rome, people also began to ride horses in the arena as a form of entertainment. Modern equestrianism originated in England and was a product of the combination of court equestrianism and cavalry training. It was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. At that time, equestrian was hailed as the "King's Sport" used by the upper class, and only princes and nobles could enjoy it. However, all contestants must wear gorgeous clothes to compete, and the competition scene can be described as a feast of fancy clothes.

In the 1770s, European aristocratic women began to hunt on horseback. Influenced by the neoclassical dressing style, they would dress themselves up with long waist custom equestrian jackets, high-necked custom horse show shirts, bow ties, and long skirts while riding. The hunting equipment is also known as the prototype of modern horse riding equipment. In the 18th century, women's horse riding attire were more exquisite: the length of the long worsted wool jacket was shortened, and the cuffs and neckline were also decorated with velvet. Details such as buttons and buttonholes were presented with decorative jewelry and high-end embroidery.

2. The feminist movement promotes the fashion of horse riding attire

In the 1830s, equestrianism was no longer exclusive to the upper-class aristocrats, and middle-class women began to ride horses for a ride, and their attire became a symbol of women's new fashion: wearing a pair of tight breeches made of fine cotton and Boots, top hat and buckskin gloves. This is a convenient attire that can circumvent the restriction that women cannot wear trousers, thanks to the whim of the French queen at that time. Later, Parisian fashion designers found design inspiration in the Queen's British riding suit, combined skirts and trousers, and invented culottes.

The invention of culottes gave horse riding attire a new look: suit-style coats began to replace jackets, and flared culottes also replaced the old-fashioned way of wearing trousers with long skirts. In the 20th century, with the rise of the feminist movement and the creation of the Queen of England, "straddle riding" completely replaced "side riding". The breeches specially designed for straddling riding are practical, elegant and handsome, and are popular all over the world. Since 1952, female jockeys have been allowed to participate in equestrian competitions in the Olympic Games, and equestrian has become the only event in the Olympic Games where men and women compete in the same field. Competitive competitions have transformed horse riding clothing from practical wear to fashion. The royal family members' love for equestrianism has also further promoted the process of combining formal horse riding attire with fashion. Princess Anne of the United Kingdom "went to" the Montreal Olympics in 1976; Princess Haya of Jordan appeared in the Sydney Olympic Games riding the horse "Lusica II" presented by her father; in the 2012 London Olympics, Princess Phillips of the United Kingdom participated, and this One year's London Fashion Week also sparked a wave of horse riding attire.

3. Equestrian outfits in the show

Custom equestrian apparel, which can reflect the wearer's extraordinary temperament and fashion taste, can not only make female knights shine on the racecourse, but also the equestrian style of clothing extended from equestrian sports has been popular for several years. Fashion design masters also often look for design inspiration from knight outfits. With the spirit of medieval chivalry deeply rooted on the fashion catwalk, because it contains etiquette, honor and bravery. And more and more fashion designers also hope to pass on such an independent and confident spirit to more elegant women.

Drawing inspiration from oil paintings, the designer improved the nostalgic handsome lady's horseback riding outfit, and designed a noble and glamorous series of knight outfits. A tough leather coat with a soft chiffon skirt is used to create a combination of rigidity and softness. elegance. Loose twist braids and a Sherlock Holmes top hat, the free and easy and charming noble temperament is memorable. The details of ruffles and fur decorate the clothing exquisitely, and also become an important element in the style of the equestrian clothing series.