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Notes on First Experience of Children's Horse Riding: Dressing, Approaching Horses, and Small Details of Riding"

The first impression of people or things that we meet and come across for the first time always remains deeply ingrained in our minds, even determining our future communication and interaction. For every rider who is going to start equestrian learning, it is very important to leave a good first impression on the horse, especially for children, so the first experience of wholesale equestrian clothing in children's riding clothes should choose a safe, well-behaved Horses, stables with experienced trainers. In addition, I hope the following items can help you have a happy first experience of equestrianism.

Dressing in children's equestrian apparel

Horse riding has strict requirements for children's equestrian apparel, and the correct dress is not only for a handsome appearance but also for increased safety and experience. The first step to becoming a young rider is to start with clothing. Young riders can wear a comfortable top and a pair of smooth, stretchable pants (which effectively avoid injury to the buttocks, thighs, and calves caused by friction with the saddle, especially for young children's tender skin). For children's riding shoes, short boots and sports shoes would be a good choice. In addition, wearing equestrian equipment such as helmets, protective vests, riding baselayers, horse jumping pants and leg guards is necessary, ensuring safety and style.

Meeting and approaching horses for the first time wearing children's equestrian apparel

Meeting a horse for the first time is the most exciting part of any equestrian experience. Different people will have different reactions, perhaps excitement or fear and resistance, but spending a little more time to slowly approach the horse with the guidance of the instructor and staff, overcoming fear, and gradually becoming intimate with the horse is important. There is a wonderful and unique connection between humans and horses. As long as you take that brave first step, you will find that this tall animal has a gentle and warm heart.

Seeing the coach and the horse waiting in front of you, you can’t wait to get on the horse. When walking towards the horse, remember to keep quiet and move lightly, and get on the horse from the front of the horse to the left hand side of the horse. After the pedals are adjusted, the rider sits down, straightens his back, steps down on 1/3 of the pedals with his heels down, and the coach will lead the rider to take the first step on the horseback.

In the process of being led by the coach for a slow walk, the coach will also teach the most basic movements of equestrianism, rising and falling. Riders wearing horse equestrian clothing can feel the feeling on the horse's back, feel the rhythm and waves of the horse, and fall together and fall together. Together. If it is allowed, the coach will also take the rider to feel the fast step. With the faster rhythm of the horse, the rider will be more bumpy but at the same time feel the thrill of riding a horse. A good first experience process can help build up the rider's greater confidence and deal with the future equestrian learning career.

Children wearing equestrian apparel to learn equestrian sports is not only learning a competitive sport, but also a process of self-discovery and self-challenge. Equestrian learning is like our journey through life, we must face our inner fears, understand them ourselves, learn to trust and give, constantly try, and finally overcome fear to conquer ourselves. And this first step, let us bravely take the first step - approaching the horse, approaching your equestrian dream.