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What Are the Design Elements of Athletic Clothes?

Many people have heard of the new term "sports fashion" but may not know how fashion is reflected in sports clothing. In addition to emphasizing functionality, lines, flexibility, and comfort in athletic wear, incorporating sophisticated tailoring and vibrant colors from high-end fashion has become an unchanging formula for sports brands to become fashionable. Especially in the details, the temptation of sports is truly revealed. Below, we summarize what design elements are included in athletic sportswear wholesale and hope to provide it as a reference for everyone.

Symbolism in athletic wear

Now, major sports brands worldwide emphasize the exclusive design symbols that belong to themselves.

Fashion in athletic wear

The fashion trend of activewear for women and men is an irresistible trend. In fact, this is the most fashionable trend: fashion brands want to venture into sports, while traditional sports brands try to become fashionable. Now, whether it's boys or girls, young people or the elderly, they all wear sneakers and lightweight jackets. Athletic wear eliminates age, gender, and class differences, and it is a globally recognized product. Past values have lost their rationale, and people wear basketball shoes and zip-up shirts, breezing into the future.

Comfort in athletic wear

Surveys show that when choosing athletic wear, consumers' first and foremost consideration is comfort, accounting for 78.4%. Appearance and style come in second at 73.7%. The selection rates of these two factors are significantly higher than other factors. Therefore, sports brands will continue to emphasize comfort in the future.

High-Tech content in athletic wear

Fundamentally, the development and change of sports itself has driven the development of materials for activewear for women and men. For example, materials like silk and cotton were once popular in athletic wear. Now, with the development of mass sports and fitness activities, people have more requirements for sports and fitness activities, such as strengthening body protection, exerting muscle strength, and increasing speed. These have promoted research and innovation in functional materials. In terms of materials, the emphasis on the comfort and functionality of athletic wear is reflected in the wide use of cotton and wool fabrics, waterproof fabrics, and mesh wool materials, which combine technology and comfort for sports functionality.

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