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Selection and Maintenance of Athletic Apparel

The sports suit belongs to the casual sports series, which is generally paired with sports shoes, casual sneakers, canvas shoes, and running shoes. The key is to choose shoes that match the style and color of the athletic apparel. For example, dark-colored athletic apparel can be matched with light-colored and bright-colored sports shoes to create a bright spot on the body. Colorful sports clothes can be matched with low-key sports shoes, making the custom athletic clothing the protagonist of the outfit. You also need to consider the specific style and length of the workout wear. For example, if the athletic apparel is short or narrow, it can be paired with high-top sneakers, but if it is a straight style, high-top sneakers are not the best choice.

Selection of athletic apparel suits

  • Fabric: For casual odm sportswear, you can choose cotton, while for sports, polyester is mostly used, which is quick-drying due to sweat.

  • Accessories: Pay attention to whether the zipper, buttons and other accessories of the clothing are firm, to prevent injury during exercise.

  • Color: There are many colors for the gym sportswear, including bright, light, and dark. The color of workout wear can be chosen according to personal preferences and season. Generally, wear light colors in hot weather and dark colors in winter.

  • Season: Considering the changes in season and ambient temperature, you can choose thin and light sports suits to help dissipate heat in summer, and workout wear that can retain heat and dissipate moisture in autumn and winter to make your muscles feel comfortable and avoid unnecessary physical injuries during exercise.

  • Body Type: Workout wear is loose-fitting and easy to look fat, so overweight people should choose colors that have a contracting effect, such as black, dark blue, and navy blue. People who are overweight will sweat heavily during exercise and lose a lot of water. They should choose looser, good absorbent athletic apparel according to their personal situation. Simple and practical styles can avoid a sense of burden visually. Avoid tight-fitting athletic apparel to avoid exposing flaws in body shape.

  • Style: There are short-sleeved casual suits, shorts sports suits for summer, and short skirts for casual suits, similar to those worn for playing tennis that you can choose from sports clothing manufacturers, which are both slimming and sporty. There are long-sleeved suits for autumn and winter, and three-piece sports suits, which generally include vests in addition to clothes and pants. There are sports suits with hoodies, as well as cardigan styles. Multiple design elements are also integrated, such as splicing, hollowing out, and color blocking, and various patterns and textures are available to choose from.

Maintenance of athletic apparel suits

  • If you have a tight-fitting athletic apparel, it is recommended to wash it before putting it on for the first time to further remove the residues in the dyeing process. To prevent substandard products from causing harm to yourself during use and reduce the risk of use.

  • Choose a suitable cleaning solution. When cleaning gym sportswear suits, try not to use laundry detergent or alkaline washing products. Because the materials of sports suits are slightly different from those of other clothes, try to use neutral detergent liquid to avoid damaging the color and windproof function of the clothing.

  • For sports suits, it is best to wash them by hand. Pour an appropriate amount of neutral detergent into the water and soak the clothes for twenty minutes. Gently rub with hands, and for the dirtier areas, use a soft brush or cloth to clean. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the clothes. Hang the clothes in a cool place to dry after cleaning. Try not to use the washing machine to spin dry, which will affect the waterproof function of the gym sportswear suits.