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Wear Sports Attire in This Way to Stay Trendy and Energetic

sports attire is a favorite of many energetic young girls, but if worn carelessly, it can give a professional feel of a gymnast, making it dull and devoid of personality. How can you wear sports attire that is both stylish and energetic? Let's take a look with our Chinese sports clothing manufacturers.

Blue and White Striped Sports Attire

The blue and white stripes give a fresh and energetic feel, with the azure tone highlighting the fair skin. The letter pattern on the zipper stripes adds a three-dimensional layer to the garment and enhances the sense of fashion. The personalized medal pattern breaks the monotony of pure blue, adding more casualness to the outfit.

The style combining a standing collar and a hood enriches the neckline and shoulders, adding a touch of casualness.

White Sportswear Attire

The fresh white tone makes this sports attire look less like sports attire, and white color suits all skin tones, making it look youthful and energetic. The elastic design on the brim can adjust the size, enriching the shape of the hat while being convenient and practical. The black stitching design on the sides of the slant pockets is three-dimensional and eye-catching.

Patchwork Sportswear

The design of the half zip placket emits a youthful and energetic temperament. When fully zipped up, it creates a small standing collar effect. Light pink can be overwhelming, but with the addition of purple patches, it enriches the layers of the outfit and adds a sporty vibe. The cuff and hem gathering design is not cumbersome and highlights a slender figure.

Vest Two-piece Sportswear

Layer a vest over a hooded custom athletic clothes attire to make the simple sporty silhouette more casual and youthful. The velvet fabric is delicate and glossy, making it especially suitable for autumn and winter outfits. The standing collar design of the vest brings a fresh feeling to the simple combination, enhancing the overall smart and capable temperament.

Color-block Striped Sportswear Attire

Add bright red and white colors to the pure black base, making the dull black appear lively. The loose hooded style creates a V-neck visual effect, highlighting the facial line. The letter pattern on the hood drawstring adds a touch of fashionable texture.

Floral Sports Wear Attire

The ribbed collar design outlines the delicate shoulder and neck lines. The floral elements showcase passionate and energetic youth. The intricate floral ribbon echoes the floral pattern on the garment, and the simple yet not ordinary silhouette highlights the sense of fashion, fully showcasing a graceful figure.

Velvet Sports Wear Attire

The delicate and soft velvet fabric of the sports wear attire is shiny and has a rich sense of luster. The circular ring zipper design easily adds a fashion label. The contrasting woven ribbon is integrated into the carefully matched color scheme, making it outstanding and luxurious. The combination of blue and purple emits a faint femininity. The standing collar design makes the shoulder and neck lines more graceful.

Round-neck Pullover Sports Wear Attire

The round-collar style gives a simple and neat feeling, and the trendy contrasting edge stripes on the chest enrich the layers of the garment, creating a small V-shaped visual effect. It better modifies the figure, making it appear slender. The high-waist waistband can elongate the leg lines, making the overall body proportion more perfect.

Nine-point Knitted Sportswear

The knitted fabric makes the sportswear feel gentle and feminine, soft and delicate in texture, and wearing it close to the skin is not irritating. The nine-point pants lengthen the leg lines, making the body proportions more perfect. The ribbed hem adds a proper elasticity to the garment, exuding a casual and relaxed feel.

Camouflage Sportswear

The multi-color collision of the camouflage sportswear creates a fresh and energetic silhouette when worn. The carefully coordinated color scheme appears natural and harmonious, highlighting a bright and glossy complexion. The pocket design on the pants creates a three-dimensional and layered pant shape, while being convenient and practical, making it ideal for creating a stylish look.