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The Ritualistic Feeling of Exercise Begins with Choosing the Right Athletic Attire

The role of sports wear is not only to make you look more professional and stylish, but also to provide certain protection during exercise, effectively reducing the risk of injury.

At the same time, a functional China sports wear can reduce muscle fatigue during exercise, provide a level of comfort that regular clothes do not have, and even enhance muscle explosiveness in some competitive sports.

Choose sports wear according to exercise intensity

Moderate intensity exercise

Includes walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, cycling, dancing, and strength training. Moderate intensity sports clothing is characterized by lightweight fabric, great elasticity, minimal compression on the body, and a higher proportion of cotton in the material. The overall design of the clothing can be slightly loose, as yoga and Pilates involve many large stretches. Therefore, lightweight and stretchable materials, soft fabrics, and loose fit can allow you to fully exert your strength.

High intensity exercise

Includes running, basketball, football, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), combat sports, etc. High intensity athletic apparel generally focuses on functions such as quick-drying, cooling, and ventilation, as we tend to sweat a lot during heavy weightlifting and fast-paced exercise. Therefore, the material of this kind of athletic apparel contains more polyester.

In addition, there are supportive custom athletic clothes designed for heavy weightlifting. The material of this type of sports clothing provides a stronger compression sensation compared to regular high-intensity athletic apparel. Some even have adhesive strips arranged along the muscle lines, which can provide a supportive feeling of firming the muscles.

Choosing the right running shoes is also crucial when running. If you want to stick to running for the long term, it is necessary to choose professional running shoes. Many running enthusiasts prefer night running, so it is very practical to choose a athletic wear with reflective strips and bright colors, as it makes it easier for you to avoid dangers at night.

Benefits of wearing professional athletic wear

Professional compression clothing provides a compressive sensation on the surface of the skin, increasing blood circulation and giving a feeling of excitement, making the whole body feel powerful and full of energy.

By applying different levels of compression, compression clothing accelerates blood circulation, promotes venous return in the body, and reduces fatigue in athletes. Wearing compression clothing can enhance your endurance during fitness training, not only for aerobic exercises such as running and cycling, but also for resistance training.

It effectively promotes the breakdown of lactic acid, prevents lactic acid accumulation, and makes the body feel more comfortable. Wearing compression clothing can prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, which is responsible for the muscle friction and soreness after exercise.