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Fabric and Matching Techniques for Sports Wear

Introduction to sports wear fabrics

Sports fabrics generally refer to fabrics used in sportswear. Most of these fabrics are made from polyester. The first necessary function is quick drying. During exercise, a large amount of sweat is produced. While pure cotton clothes are absorbent, sweat remains on the clothes and they become difficult to evaporate. On the other hand, many sports fabrics, such as 100% polyester, can quickly evaporate sweat after it is produced. This means you won't feel any heavy or sticky feeling during intense exercise, making it the preferred clothing choice.

Another type of fabric is designed for warming up. Most people who love sports know the importance of warming up before exercise. If warming up is not done enough, it is easy to get injured or even end their sports career. The clothes worn during warm-up are thermally insulated to retain heat. There is no unified name for this type of material, but when buying athletic clothes, be sure to look for clothes that are so insulated they won't get wet even in the rain because these are incredibly effective.

As for washing, it is not a problem how you wash them. However, soaking for more than four hours should be avoided. For dark-colored clothes, it is necessary to wash them separately from lighter colors. Clothes should not be machine washed unless it is specified. Polyester clothes are generally quite tough and can withstand a lot of washing. However, if they are not washed properly, they might tear when you exercise with a large range of motion.

Matching sports wear

Sports wear are no longer limited to sports venues nowadays; many people love to wear them for their daily activities because of their comfortable fabrics. During exercise, a full set of sports wear is necessary to protect the body and improve exercise performance.

What makes sports wear unique is that they seem to be the least afraid of colliding with other clothes. However, a simple set of sportswear might look a bit monotonous, so many fashionable people like to combine different custom athletic wear to show their personality. Often, the most important thing to match with sports wear is the sports shoes. A carefully selected pair of sports shoes can enhance personal sporting fashion.

Shortening the sleeves of your sports wear at the tailor

In ancient times, people usually wore daily clothes when participating in sports activities. It is said that the new carbon crystal armor is actually a modification of ordinary clothing, adding a simple carbon crystal heating module to the surface of the fabric. The heating module is embedded in the interlayer of the fabric and is easily removable. Carbon crystal armor clothing can not only keep warm but also has health benefits, killing two birds with one stone, making them particularly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Modern sports wear appeared in the mid-19th century. At that time, sports activities were becoming popular in Europe, and sports clothes manufacturer began developing sportswear to improve their performance. In the production of sports clothing products, high-tech synthetic materials, leather and textile fabrics, and other new surface materials will be developed and applied to enhance their performance. With the emergence and marketization of thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composite materials, nanomaterials, and functional materials, the use of materials in sports and leisure shoes will continue to innovate, greatly improving the mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties of sports shoes and enhancing the consumer experience with sportswear.