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Technology Elements in Sportswear Design

Ⅰ. The design of activewear sportswear is based on three principles

One is to reduce drag: by reducing the seam in front of the body, or making the seam in the same direction as the air flow, and using 3D tailoring at the elbows, knees and back to allow more freedom of movement, while effectively reducing the athlete's movement with air generated resistance.

For example, the drainage channel of diving activewear sportswear. When diving athletes compete, everyone is very concerned about whether they can suppress the spray beautifully after a series of beautiful movements, but few people know that there is a uniquely designed drainage groove on the back of the diving suit of female divers. The so-called drainage channel is a vertical gap, and the lines between the gaps connect the fabrics on both sides together. After the athlete jumps into the water, the water will enter the clothes at once due to the huge pressure. If it cannot be discharged in time, it will form a large splash and affect the effect of the action. Drainage grooves can quickly drain the water between the swimsuit and the body when the athlete enters the water, reducing resistance and thus reducing water splash.

The second is to pay attention to heat regulation: dark materials are placed where they need to absorb heat, and light-colored materials are placed where they need to be reflected. Different materials are used to make the air more circulated and help balance body temperature.

The third is to reduce friction: low-friction accessories are placed on the inner side of the arm and the inner thigh, which will help reduce the friction between the bodies and improve the smoothness of the entire movement.

At the London Olympics, the British Cycling Team achieved remarkable results, and their "hot pants" contributed greatly. "Hot Pants" is the exclusive contribution of British scientists. When cyclists warm up before the race, they must quickly increase the temperature of their muscles. However, the inspection work requires them to stop warming up 10 minutes in advance and go to the competition position. During this time, the muscles will become cold. According to scientists' calculations, it is the ideal temperature for the leg muscles to reach 38 degrees Celsius when the athletes start the competition. At the London Olympics, the British Cycling Team prepared "hot pants", which directly act on the core muscles of the legs, which allows them to maintain the temperature of the leg muscles after warming up, which is equivalent to F1 racing tire heaters.

Ⅱ. The role of high-tech elements in activewear sportswear

1. Reduce exercise resistance and improve exercise performance. The research of activewear apparel mainly achieves this goal from two aspects: the development of functional fabrics and the design of special structures. For example, in the study of swimwear, reducing water resistance and improving speed are the main purposes of its fabric selection and design.

2. Enhance physical comfort. For example, the clothing of table tennis players adopts 3D three-dimensional cutting technology, which makes the athletes feel comfortable and comfortable in any technical movements; the custom athletic wear of gymnastics team has a lot of splicing design on the back and waist, which is both breathable and flexible.

3. Adjust the psychological state. Although the custom active wear clothing is an external factor of the game, it can influence the game by regulating the psychology.

4. Enhance security. The Olympic competition promotes the spirit of fighting forward bravely, but the personal safety of the players is also an issue that cannot be ignored. Sportswear also plays a very important role in enhancing the safety of sports and reducing sports accidents.