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Horse Riding Attire Represents the Everlasting Aristocratic Spirit

What is nobility? Confucius said that nobility is not just a privileged group, but also an exemplar of education. Nobility is not just about material wealth, but more immersed in the realm of art, teaching more civilians to have an aesthetic sentiment that forgets material desires.

The western noble spirit is also the same. In major formal occasions, people can easily distinguish between dukes and earls based on the level of dress, with strict rules and boundaries. Although the prosperous era of nobility had passed a hundred years ago, if judged by economic ability, there have been counts who are richer than dukes, but nobles still adhere to the cultural order in certain occasions, knowing how to be humble, self-disciplined, valuing honor, responsibility and courage. This is the spirit of nobility.

Elegant horse equestrian clothing

Elegant horse riding clothes, exquisite equestrianism, and noble morals are the precious wealth left to us by the medieval nobility. Nowadays, equestrianism, which was listed as an Olympic sport in 1900, retains its noble temperament in the strictness and nobility of horse riding attire. The blood relationship between equestrian sports and the nobility and knight activities in medieval Europe has made it increasingly highlight its humanistic temperament in the long process of precipitation.

As a beginner, one must wear a helmet, tight-fitting horse jumping pants, and thick leather boots. The first priority of this heroic dress is safety, allowing people to relax and enjoy the feeling of unity between man and horse. But when you think of this sport, which is far more complex and subtle than any other sport in the world, you silently feel proud of the noble spirit represented by the horse riding attire you are wearing.

The quietly emerging equestrian horse wear movement ignites children's dreams.

Nowadays, this sport is favored by parents because children can master a skill, achieve exercise effects, and cultivate elegant postures and temperament. Moreover, if a child wants to attend college in the future, some universities consider giving extra points or special admissions to students who excel in equestrianism.

The quietly emerging equestrian movement encourages children to pursue their dreams. It generates a strong inner motivation for children to actively seek solutions to difficulties. Dreams can make children create surprises in learning and life and produce happy emotions. It is said that people who achieve outstanding accomplishments like Edison and Picasso were people with splendid dreams in their childhood. Their lifelong goal was to realize the dreams of their early years. It can be said that children without their own dreams have no future and it is difficult to accomplish anything. Many children establish their confidence while wearing horse riding attire, continuously setting new goals while completing one small goal after another, and their dreams are thus born and their confidence grows.