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Equestrian Dressing Guide:How to Become a Safe, Comfortable and Stylish Equestrian?

Often buy the same harnesses? Often inadvertently wear the same with friends? Dressing in the same way at the racecourse? There are some equestrian clothing that has a tariff and is very expensive? How to be the most fashionable equestrian in a horse farm? Today, SGL Sports Clothing provides you with some equestrian sports clothing wearing guidelines, hoping to help you ride safely, comfortably and stylishly no matter in the hot summer or the north wind howling winter.

1. Equestrian wear: helmets

Even though you can go for a lower price on any equestrian gear, helmets are the most worthwhile equestrian investment you can make. You can even choose used items for some other harnesses, but when it comes to buying a helmet, find a reputable harness store and buy a brand new helmet. A used helmet may have damage to the liner, which is difficult to detect with the naked eye, making the helmet unable to provide you with the necessary protection. There are many different helmet brands, styles and colors. Helmets are available in English and Western, as well as styles for training or competition. Choose an equestrian wear helmet that is beautiful, comfortable, and suitable for your riding style.

2. Equestrian wear: tops

Let's start with underwear. When riding a horse, female riders can choose sports vests instead of equestrian sports vests. The requirements for tops during equestrian training are not very high, as long as they are comfortable and fit. But prepare a Cavaliers shirt that is specific to the game. In summer, riders will choose to wear short sleeves to keep cool, but they can also choose ice silk tights, which are both sunscreen and cool. In spring and autumn, a vest can be an option as vests are less restrictive on the arms and shoulders and they are suitable for layering to keep warm. In the winter, you can opt for fleece, which is so warm and lightweight that you only need a jacket to keep out the cold. But one thing to note is that the equestrian base layer tops worn when riding a horse should preferably be tightened at the waistline. If the equestrian clothes are too fat, there may be a situation of "pocketing the saddle", which is prone to danger.

3.Equestrian wear: breeches

For everyday riding, a pair of cheap leggings may be the most comfortable option. You can also buy breeches that are either full or half rubber. They offer more grip and traction than other workout pants and are made from more durable fabrics. Winter riding can wear fleece breeches to keep warm. Many people ride in jeans or sweatpants. What you want to avoid are pants that are twisted, wrinkled, or puckered along the inside of the legs, especially the knees. Some people like the extra grip, and the wind resistance of winter breeches. If you are competing, please wear formal equestrian clothing.

4. Equestrian wear: riding boots

Aside from a helmet, your riding boots are probably your most important purchase. Although there is no official standard for riding boots, if you don't want to wear professional riding boots, you can buy a pair of Chelsea boots that are similar in shape. Your boot doesn't have to be a "riding boot" as long as the sole and heel fit. Improperly fitting heels and soles can put you at risk when you drop your horse. So choose boots that are comfortable, affordable and suitable for your ride.