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Equestrian Attire, Soaring to New Fashion Heights!

With the rise of the retro trend, the industrial-style Horsemanship clothes is once again in fashion and has become one of the mainstream trends. Speaking of equine riding apparel, I believe that many sisters are still confused. Early equine riding apparel was popular in Europe and was a standard outfit for the nobility. It was very popular in the upper class society and had a strong sense of luxury.

Equestrian is a gentleman's sport, conveying a refined and noble temperament through the perfect combination of humans and horses. A complete set of equestrian equipment costs over ten thousand casually, which further determines that equestrian sports are an aristocratic sport. Although equestrian attire has changed very little, the requirements for attire are not low. The following we equestrian clothing suppliers will explain the different equestrian equipment in equestrian sports.

Horsemanship Clothes: Riding Suit

The equestrian suit is a bit like a fitted casual suit, evolved from hunting attire, and has a particularly gentlemanly style when worn. This type of clothing must be worn in show jumping competitions. Dark-colored jackets are the most common, and as for red rider suits, some national equestrian organizations require individuals who have won national championships to wear them. In dressage competitions, riders must wear tailcoats and top hats, which have a very courtly feel. Men generally wear light-colored custom equestrian show shirts and white ties, while women generally wear high-necked shirts without ties.

Equine Riding Apparel : Helmet

The most important thing in horse riding is safety! Helmets protect the rider's life in the event of a fall from a horse. The helmet must be properly fitted to truly provide safety.

Horsemanship Clothes: Protective Vest

Like the helmet, it can reduce injuries to the body in the event of a fall from a horse, with the main protection area being the spine and its sides.

Equine Riding Apparel : Breeches

The equestrian breeches, designed specifically for horse riding, are mostly tight-fitting and have good elasticity, making them very lightweight and comfortable. However, with the evolution of the fashion circle, the pants representing Horsemanship clothes are not just tight-fitting, but also retain the "wide on top and narrow at the bottom" style, which is uniformly called "slim leg pants". Although it is far from the original horse back riding breeches, it still exudes a capable and smart aura, making it suitable for daily wear!

There are three reasons for choosing breeches:

  • Thickened abrasion-resistant protection on the inside of the knee to protect the rider's skin;

  • The tapered design of the pants can avoid the increased friction between the wrinkles on the pants and the skin during riding;

  • The tapering design of the pants legs makes it convenient to put on and take off riding boots.

  • Horsemanship clothes: Riding Boots

Formal equestrian sports must be worn with high boots and low heels. The rubber boots on the market are mainly imported brands, with a rubber outer layer that is breathable and a sweat-absorbent material on the inside.

Speaking of the knight boots in the Horsemanship clothes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. The popularity of riding boots dates back a long time. They were originally designed to protect horse-mounted soldiers. Later, they became popular as gender-neutral items and are undoubtedly the most nostalgic item in the Horsemanship clothes. Among the various styles of shoes, riding boots have the most cool and tough style, absolutely cool and stylish!