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Cleaning and Maintenance of Sportswear

After exercise, it is easy to sweat, and the sweat sticks to the clothes, which is easy to generate sweat stains. If the stains are not cleaned, it is easy to generate sweat odor, so the sooner you wash the sweaty clothes, the better.

1. Washing methods of sportswear

(1) Soak the sportswear for 20-30 minutes first. If you want to clean the sweat better, we can drop a small amount of laundry detergent for cleaning.

(2) In the process of cleaning, if stains are found on clothes, you can use soap to clean clothes. Soap has strong decontamination ability.

(3) When cleaning sportswear such as the equine blouson jacket, it's best to gently rub it, rather than vigorously scrub it. Scrubbing the material of sportswear will lead to shaving of materials and thread ends, thus reducing the wearing time of sportswear.

(4) After exercise, be sure to wash it in time to avoid overnight washing. Washing on the same day will reduce the difficulty of washing and prevent sweat stains from completely penetrating into clothing fibers.

(5) Most sportswear can be machine washed, including sportswear for pregnant women, yoga clothes, etc. Of course, if the clothing label indicates that it is not machine washable, you should avoid machine washing and stay away from any cleaning equipment.

(6) If a dryer is used, the temperature for drying clothes should be lower; Don't use desiccant, it will damage the fabric of clothes.

2. Matters needing attention when cleaning activewear

(1) The color stain of white clothes is suitable for white cotton, linen, polyester, polyester cotton and cotton linen fabrics. Do not use it for colored clothes, silk, wool, spandex, nylon and other non-chlorine-bleaching clothes. Do not use the stock solution directly.

(2) Color stains on colored clothes are not suitable for easily faded clothes and dry-cleaned clothes. When using, avoid touching metal buttons, zippers, metal ornaments, etc. on clothes, and avoid direct sunlight.