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Characteristics and Functions of Sports Wear

Sports wear multi-layered synthetic fiber fabric, comfortable to wear

Sports wear is usually made of polyester fabrics.

The most commonly used fabric for sports wear combined with cotton is polyester, which has excellent textile and wearing performance. It is woven with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and other chemical fibers. It produces various patterns, firm and sturdy, easy to wash and dry, wrinkle-free and has good wearability, such as imitation wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk, and imitation linen fabrics.

Because of sweating heavily during exercise, wearing pure cotton clothes indeed has good sweat absorption, but the sweat stays on the clothes and they become wet, which is difficult to evaporate. Many sports fabrics are made of 100% polyester, which can quickly evaporate sweat after sweating, so you won't feel any weight or stickiness on your clothes.

We often see multi-layered fabrics in the sports wear market, and different fabric layers have different functional properties. In fact, many years ago, there was a polyester-cotton fabric on the market, with cotton inside and polyester outside to achieve a comfortable fit. Nowadays, the fabric used for sports wear on the market reverses the positions of chemical fiber and cotton, with cotton outside and chemical fiber inside, also to enhance sweat absorption and dryness. The inner layer is not entirely made of chemical fiber, but has some cotton 'cores' that directly contact the human body. They guide sweat to the outside cotton through the 'cores' and the pores in the inner layer of chemical fiber fabric. The inner layer fabric has good moisture wicking performance. If there is no good moisture-absorbing material outside, when the inner chemical fiber is saturated with water, people still feel damp. Therefore, when using this fabric (mainly knitted fabric) to make sports wear, when the body sweats, the inner layer of sports wear will not feel particularly wet, because the sweat is guided outside. Some custom sportswear apparel suitable for spring and summer seasons are made of thin nylon fabric, which is sticky to the body after absorbing moisture. If an additional layer of mesh fabric is added inside to isolate it, it will not fit tightly against the body. The principle of adding a layer of mesh fabric to increase comfort is similar to that of multi-layered synthetic fiber fabrics.

Sports wear with elastic fabric achieves a comfortable fit

From the sports wear point of view, first of all, different sports have different requirements for style, color, and appearance. Secondly, China sports wear cannot affect people's movements and should enable people to fully exert their athletic abilities. Therefore, suitable materials with different performance should be selected for production according to different sports projects. For example, synthetic sharkskin fabric can be used for swimming, and elastic fabrics are required for cycling, gymnastics, ice skating, and skiing, in addition to having bright colors.

The reason why elastic fabrics are added to sports wear is for the convenience of movement. When people are in motion, the deformation of elbows, knees, and buttocks is great. If the clothing is made loose in structure, these parts will not have any restraint during exercise, but will feel cumbersome due to the clothes being too loose, and the movements will not be flexible. If some elastic fabrics are added to the deformed parts of the fitted sports wear, it will not affect the function of the exercise, and the wearing will be clean and beautiful. The size of the elasticity is crucial for these elastic fabrics. A large elasticity will make people feel restrictive, and a small elasticity can easily deform, which loses its purpose. Therefore, for the elastic fabrics used locally in sports wear, the elasticity should be appropriate.