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Types and Materials of Athletic Leggings

Tight pants are elastic pants that extend from the waist to the ankles. Athletic leggings are often made of cotton, nylon, and spandex materials to provide pressure to the legs to prevent muscle shaking. The design of tight pants originated from pantyhose, so they are also called bottomless stockings.

Types of athletic leggings

Tight pants can be differentiated by their length - nine quarter pants, with the length of the pants extending to the ankle; seven quarter pants, with the length of the pants extending to the middle of the calf; and five quarter pants, with the length of the pants extending to the knee, and so on. Longer tight pants make it easier to elongate the leg line, while five quarter tight pants can cut off the leg line, so they should be paired with shorter tops or high heels, and nine quarter pants show off the ankles, making the legs look longer.

athletic leggings are usually black or dark gray, but there are also colored custom sports tights with racing stripes, patterns, or reflective designs. The latter is generally more suited for sporty style. Patterned pants can also be worn as daily wear, but require a better figure to manage. When choosing shoes, try to select solid colors, skin color, or the same color as your tight pants, so it's easier to elongate the leg line. You can also opt to wear high heels to increase height.

Fabric of athletic leggings

The basic material used for custom athletic clothes wear leggings is cotton and linen, along with nylon and spandex to provide elasticity. Cotton and linen fabrics can increase softness, absorption, and comfort, while nylon and spandex mainly increase the elasticity of clothing and reduce the weight of clothing. The combination of soft materials and high elastic materials allows the leg joints to move easily.

Tight pants can prevent leg muscle congestion. The pressure from the fabric can reduce muscle shaking and promote blood circulation in the legs. Accuracy of movement is essential to workouts, and if the movements are not executed properly, the workout results can significantly decrease. Yoga pants can fix muscles and allow for better control of body movement, while also preventing muscle shaking which consumes unnecessary energy. Tight pants can prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, reduce fatigue, and maintain physical strength.

The purpose of nylon and spandex in the fabric is for deodorization, bacteria resistance, and to improve skin sweat and heat dissipation. Although tight pants have a tight fit, sweat can quickly evaporate through the fibers. The sports apparel makers cutting method of tight pants is also different from ordinary pants, and it needs to provide different degrees of support and protection to leg muscles while ensuring good fit. The design of high-quality sportswear leggings includes cutting according to the leg structure, using different materials and designs in various parts, using light and breathable, antibacterial materials in the crotch area, using thick and highly elastic designs on the knee, strong elasticity on the waist covers the hips more than the legs, high-elastic materials protect the muscles in the thighs and calves, and thin weaves at the ankles. Finally, the pants are cut into multiple pieces according to different parts and combined with laser cutting and seamless welding technology.

Tight pants can reduce the excessive consumption of leg energy, prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, reduce fatigue, and maintain physical strength. Stylish athletic wear leggings can also be worn as daily wear to reduce leg pain caused by walking and shopping, modify the figure, and show off a good body shape.