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The Functional Design of Skateboarding Apparel

According to the characteristics of skateboarding, innovative design of skateboarding protective clothing is carried out from the aspects of style structure, fabric selection, color, structure and craftsmanship, so as to provide certain protection during skateboarding.

Skateboarding athletic apparel style and structure design

The style and structure of sportswear is the key to ensuring comfort, and analyzing the human structure and motion rules is the basis for rational functional design. By reducing constraints during exercise, people's exercise needs can be met. Therefore, humanized innovations in clothing structure have gained more and more attention.

 Upper garment design

A tape pocket structure is used at the elbow joint, and an adjustable thickened structure is used at the wrist, which adds hand and elbow protection. A splicing design is made on the front of the custom athletic clothing, with a front tape pocket inside which has a mobile phone pocket. The pocket also has a strap design to prevent the phone from slipping out, which is convenient for placing the phone during skateboarding. At the same time, the upper garment is a casual and loose T-shirt structure, and the sleeves can be long or folded to fix the length, making it convenient for daily dressing.

Pants design

The pants adopt a work pants design. Thickened and strap-style elastic structures are added at the knee and ankle, and a sponge pad protection structure can be added at the knee. After installing the sponge pad, it can be tightened and fixed with a strap to enhance protection. At the same time, it improves the friction performance of the knee of the pants. The pants are designed with a zipper diagonal pocket and a three-dimensional pocket for easy carrying of tools or daily items during travel.

Fabric design for skateboarding athletic apparel

The correct fabric selection is half the success of functional design for athletic lwear. The use of fabrics is divided into upper garment and pants; the upper shirt mainly uses polyester-cotton blend fabric. Cotton fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability, but it is prone to wrinkles and has certain defects in appearance, so a polyester-cotton blend fabric is chosen. It can achieve moisture absorption and breathability, and has wrinkle resistance, to maintain the aesthetics of clothing and easy care. Durable fabric with good abrasion resistance is used for the pockets of the upper garment, and we chose a work twill fabric according to the clothing style. For pants fabric, a soft and comfortable twill cotton fabric with good friction performance is chosen as the main fabric. Thicker denim fabric is used externally in adjustable areas to protect the knees and prevent the fabric from wearing out when falling.

There are four positions in the structure design of the skateboarding China athletic wear that require the use of removable protective materials. The materials used in these four positions are high-rebound sponge, which has good breathability, soft tissue protection, strong comfort, and is lightweight. It provides better protection in skateboarding clothing.

Color design of skateboarding athletic wear

Color itself has no emotions, but the colors in people's eyes can affect their psychology. It is related to the environment where people live for a long time. We live in a colorful world, so colors can evoke certain emotions. Color psychologists analyze that "warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow give people a warm and passionate feeling; cold colors such as blue and green give people a solemn and calm feeling." The color design of skateboarding OEM sportswear should meet the psychological needs of consumers and achieve recognition, warning, and fashion functions in the skateboarding environment.

In skateboarding, a street sport, skateboarding enthusiasts tend to prefer monochromatic clothing, mainly without color. Therefore, the main color used in the design of the upper garment is monochrome, but due to the danger of the sport, bright yellow is used for color matching, and luminous materials are used for printing patterns, which can serve as a warning during both day and night.

With the popularization of skateboarding, it has been increasingly favored by young people, and the requirements for the design of sportswear are also becoming higher. Skateboarding is both thrilling and exciting, and it carries great risks. The functional design of skateboarding sportswear plays a very important role and requires innovative design in terms of structural functionality, fabric functionality, and color functionality to meet the needs of skateboarders.