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The Application of Visual Illusion in Yoga Clothes Design

Yoga clothing refers to specific clothing worn during yoga practice. According to the different occasions of exercise, yoga clothes can be divided into three categories: yoga practice clothing, characterized by simplicity, comfort, breathability, and suitability for exercise; yoga meditation clothing, worn during spiritual meditation, characterized by loose and comfortable styles, fabric that fits the skin, and an integration with nature; and everyday yoga clothes, for daily wear and yoga practice, characterized by convenience, comfort, and leisure functionality.

Application of visual illusion in yoga clothes color design

The use of distance visual illusion, cold and warm color effects in custom yoga clothes design. For example, in gentle rhythms such as meditation and chanting, green and light blue cold colors should be used more to provide a peaceful experience and a feeling of elegant and gentle color mood. On the other hand, in yoga postures, warm and bright colors such as vermilion and bright yellow are more suitable to make yoga practitioners full of energy and dynamic feeling. In addition, the contrast illusion of color can be used to modify body shapes, such as using cold colors in areas such as the waist, calves, and arms to produce a sense of contraction, and warm colors in areas such as the hips and chest to emphasize a visual protruding feeling.

The use of lightness and darkness visual illusion, high saturation and high brightness colors can produce a floating, soft, and upward tendency on yoga clothes. On the other hand, low purity and low brightness colors give people a heavy and stable feeling. Avoid warm color tones that cause color fatigue illusion to maintain a peaceful and distant state during yoga meditation and prevent visual fatigue.

Application of visual illusion in yoga clothes pattern design

In professional yoga clothes design, highlighting the flat visual illusion can be achieved through changes in the direction and size of points, and by using different levels of contrast and overlapping patterns to enhance the visual sense. Using different angles of view to design yoga clothes patterns can enhance the three-dimensional visual illusion and increase the beauty of the human body. Designs using color inversion, such as adding black square patterns on blue yoga clothes and observing it from the opposite perspective with black as the background and blue as the main color can show a good visual effect of waist tightening. The application of virtual and real visual illusions can enhance spatial transformation in the design of yoga clothes to produce distant and close visual illusions. Using tilted patterns, geometric motifs, and flowing rhythms can produce a stunning dynamic illusion. The combination of points, lines and surfaces, and changes in angles in the design of yoga clothes can enrich the design language of yoga clothes and produce beautiful dressing effects.

Application of visual illusion in yoga clothes style design

The application of visual illusion in the structural design of yoga clothes mainly involves the use of seams and dividing lines by the sports clothes manufacturer. Dividing lines have both functional and decorative purposes, and integrating seams into dividing lines can better reflect the beauty of dividing lines in the human body. The number and position of dividing lines can affect people's visual illusion, adding a sense of rhythm and rhythm to yoga, reflecting the beauty of human curves and the dynamic beauty of movement. Two-dimensional visual illusions can create three-dimensional spatial designs. Pay attention to the relationship between space and body shape in the design of yoga clothes patterns. By observing the external modeling characteristics of yoga clothes, a visual illusion of space can be formed to achieve the external modeling beauty of yoga clothes. The essence of visual illusion lies in changing the reality of vision, allowing people to seek multidimensional perception of space and form in the illusion of vision, providing more possibilities for the external modeling of yoga clothes design.