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How to Choose Yoga Clothes

For beginners of yoga, yoga clothes are the most basic equipment. We all know that the movements of yoga practice are soft and the amplitude is relatively large, so it is required that yoga clothes should not be too tight. Today, let's share how to buy the right yoga clothes.

1. Yoga clothing fabric

At present, viscose fabric is the most common yoga clothing in the market of yoga tops manufacturers, because its price and comfort are the best ratio. Of course, the fabric made of bamboo fiber is really good, but the price is a bit expensive, because it is a pure natural environmental protection product. Since we only wear it when practicing yoga, if it can meet our various requirements when practicing yoga, it is a yoga suit that suits us.

2. Comfort of yoga clothes

The length of the yoga jacket is better than that of the navel, which is the abdomen. If such an important part of the navel is exposed to air conditioning (even natural wind), it is not good for those who pay attention to health. Therefore, it is suggested that whether you choose a longer yoga jacket or custom yoga shorts, or yoga pants, you must cover your belly button. If you don't pull your waist at the waist, it's best to choose yoga pants with drawstrings. The length and tightness can be adjusted. Advanced yoga practitioners need to do reverse exercises, and choose the one with the legs closed better.

3. Breathability and perspiration of yoga clothes

Exercise will sweat a lot, which is also the key for us to choose yoga to detoxify and reduce fat. Choosing oem ladies sportswear fabrics with good perspiration can help sweat discharge, so that the skin will not be eroded by toxic substances contained in sweat; Good breathable fabric, when sweat is discharged, clothes will not cling to skin, reducing discomfort.