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Equestrian Attire - Are you Wearing it Right?

Equestrian is a gentleman's sport, which conveys elegant gentleman's style and noble temperament in the perfect coordination between man and horse. A complete set of equestrian equipment will cost over 10,000 casually, which further determines that equestrian sport is also an aristocratic sport. Although there are few changes in equestrian dress, the dress requirements are not low. Below we will explain the different equestrian equipment in equestrian sports.

1. Equestrian Clothing 

Equestrian clothes are a bit like tight casual suits, evolved from hunting clothes, which are especially gentlemanly to wear. This kind of clothing must be worn during the obstacle course. Dark coats are the most common. As for red equestrian clothes, some countries' equestrian organizations and horse riding clothes manufacturers stipulate that they must have won individual championships in national competitions before they can be worn. In dressage competitions, jockeys wear tuxedos and top hats, which is very court-like. Men usually wear light-colored shirts and white ties, while women usually wear turtlenecks and no ties. 

2. Helmet 

The most important thing about riding is safety. Helmet can protect knight's life in case of accidental horse fall. The helmet must choose the appropriate head circumference, so that it can really play a safe role. 

3. Protective vest 

Like a helmet, it can reduce the body injury when a horse falls accidentally, and the main protective parts are the spine and both sides of the spine. 

4. Breeches 

There are three reasons for choosing breeches: 

  • Thickening the inside of the knee to protect the knight's skin;

  • The folded show jumping pants design can avoid the friction between the trousers and the skin due to the wrinkles on the trousers during riding;

  • The folding design of trouser legs makes it easy to put on and take off riding boots.

5. Riding Boots

Regular riding sports must wear high-heeled riding boots. Ordinary riding boots are made of gum on the outer horse base layer, with good ventilation and sweat-absorbent material on the inner layer. In all horse events, riders must dress up. In equestrian, riders must wear a top hat and a tuxedo. Men must be white horse pants, while women should be white or fawn breeches and wear black boots.