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Analysis of the Main Points of Segmentation Design of Sportswear

In athletic clothes design, split design is widely used because of its unique advantage of perfectly integrating style design and functional design. Starting from the basic performance requirements of athletic clothes, the article discusses the key points of each key link in the segmentation design in detail, and clarifies how to realize the perfect combination of style design and garment production in the segmentation design.


1. The basic requirements of athletic clothes design

Due to its particularity, custom athletic clothes has unique requirements for design. Specifically, it must meet the following basic performance requirements: First, to safeguard and even promote movement. This includes the fact that the garment itself must be sturdy to avoid movement that can cause various fabric tears or stitches to crack. At the same time, China athletic sportwear must also have a protective function, which can protect the body from injury even under the action of external forces. Second, comfort. It is reflected in two aspects of wearing comfort and sports comfort, including insulation and heat preservation, moisture absorption and ventilation, and sports functions. During exercise, clothing will not restrict the human body, but will produce various comforts. Third, the appearance is fashionable and beautiful. As an inherent and important attribute of clothing, appearance requires that the fabric texture, color, style and structural design of athletic clothes must be combined with fashion and synchronized with the times.

2. The main points of athletic clothes segmentation design

In all designs, segmentation is one of the basic expression languages, and the flexible application of segmentation design is very formal and expressive. At the same time, in the design of clothing styles, the dividing line itself is the basic modeling line, which appears in the clothing style in the form of stitches, and the original clothing pieces are split based on this line. Segmentation design is the essential part of the precise and specific clothing style design, and with its unique emotion and functionality, it endows itself with rich connotation and expressive power.

In the design of activewear for women and men, it is necessary to achieve its unique and diverse functional requirements through segmentation design, which makes segmentation design indispensable and important, and also puts forward higher requirements for segmentation design. In the design, it is necessary to fully coordinate the relationship between the visual modeling beauty and the functional design, and integrate the two. Therefore, in the design of athletic clothes, the rational use of segmentation design is extremely important.

3. The main points of the garment design in the athletic clothes segmentation design

As a mass-produced commodity, ready-made garments are designed with the convenience of mass production, quality controllability and cost control as their core contents. When fabrics are used, usually the smaller the pieces, the more economical the nesting is. athletic clothes usually requires more segmentation and splicing designs. At the same time, since the segmentation can divide the pieces into smaller unit pieces, in general, the more dividing lines are designed, the more material is saved. Therefore, when we divide the design, we can fully consider the shape of the pieces and the needs of layout, so as to save the cost of fabrics. Segmentation and splicing also need to consider process issues. Part of the splicing has considerable technological difficulties. It is not only time-consuming and laborious in the production of garments, but also difficult to control the quality, such as the splicing of sharp corners and dark lines. It should be noted that to achieve the same visual effect of the split design, the splicing process method of direct tiling can also be used. Direct inlay mainly adopts the method of pressing and fixing, and the difficulty of crafting is lower than that of splicing. Therefore, in the segmentation design, it is necessary to know the corresponding technological difficulties of various segmentation treatments, so as to set different segmentation shapes and splicing processes, which is conducive to the mass production of garments.

To sum up, in the design of athletic clothes, the segmentation design can comprehensively meet the needs of its style and function design, and thus has been widely used. When designing the activewear for women and men separately, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the clothing modeling design, functional design, technological difficulty, quality control difficulty and cost control, etc., to find the best fit point to balance the various design points.