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Analysis of Style, Structure, and Color in Functional Sports Wear

Structure design of functional sports wear

The structure of clothing varies according to the different needs of sports. With the diversification of lifestyles, people are exposed to more and more sports, such as orienteering, rock climbing, diving, mountaineering, cycling, and so on. When designing the structure of sports wear, we must consider the different needs of different sports. The influence of clothing style structure on functionality is well reflected in the design of the windbreaker.

A windbreaker is a type of clothing that people often wear when engaging in outdoor sports, usually with waterproof, windproof, and breathable functions. Windbreakers usually use high-necked collars and windproof skirts to reduce wind infiltration. Underarm zippers are used as ventilation openings to promote sweat drainage. The left sleeve pocket is designed for easy access to items, and an earphone outlet is provided for the wearer to enjoy music during exercise. The music player has a special waterproof pocket for easy storage and to prevent loss.

Subtle improvements in the style structure of clothing can greatly enhance the functionality and comfort of China custom sportswear, bringing comfort and convenience to wearers.

Colors of functional sports wear

The colors of sports wear are an important part of sports safety. Many outdoor sports are conducted in sparsely populated areas. Once they are in trouble in this environment, they need to increase their visibility to attract the attention of rescue personnel. In this case, bright and eye-catching clothing colors can help trapped individuals be quickly discovered and rescued. Because of the busy work during the day, night running is a popular sport among many office workers, and running locations are often on roads and streets where vehicles are driving. In this case, sports wear with good night vision effects can remind drivers that pedestrians are ahead and to watch for them.

When designing the color scheme of custom sportswear apparel, we must fully consider the color of the wearing environment, using colors that can create a huge contrast to improve the safety performance of the clothing. Most of the outdoor sports wear on the market now use bright colors such as bright red, bright orange, and bright yellow as the main color, and are embellished with dark colors such as black, gray, and white according to popular trends, making the clothing functional and beautiful.

Prospects for functional sports wear

Cross-disciplinary integration

Research and development of functional sports wear belongs to interdisciplinary research. Currently, clothing and textile colleges and universities and large state-owned clothing and textile enterprises are the main force in this type of research. Integrating this type of research with computer technology, sports medicine, applied mathematics, psychology, physiology, statistics, and other disciplines is one of the development trends of functional sports wear. Wearable electronic intelligent clothing is an outstanding representative combining information technology, biology, materials science, and textile clothing. In the field of functional sports wear, this type of clothing has good development prospects.

Diversification and complexity of functions

With the development of research related to functional sports wear, the types of functional sports wear will continue to be supplemented and improved. In addition, single-piece sports wear will have multiple functions to meet the wearer's multifaceted needs. For example, summer functional sports wear needs to have multiple functions such as moisture absorption and sweat-wicking, UV resistance, bacteriostatic properties, and cooling.


The development of technology often accompanies a series of environmental problems. Today, where sustainable development is emphasized, research and development and manufacturing of functional sports wear must also focus on green environmental protection. From fiber raw materials to processing and finishing, every step of clothing production can cause pollution to the environment. The emergence of a large number of green fibers, environmentally friendly finishing agents, etc., also indicates that functional sports wear will inevitably develop towards greenization.


Nowadays, sports have become a fashion trend, and the fashionization of functional sports wear will also become inevitable. Only by combining technology with fashion can we keep up with the pace of consumers. In addition, functional sports wear will not only be worn during exercise, but also as daily casual wear.