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Analysis of Consumer Demands for Sports Clothes

Recently, with the acceleration of life pace, white-collar workers have different degrees of sub-healthy problems, which makes sports fitness an indispensable part of modern life. As a result, the rise and rapid development of sports clothes, but the existing styles of sports clothes are different, it is difficult to distinguish which style is consistent with the human body structure and show its comfort during exercise. Our sportswear suppliers will analyze the consumer demand and shortcomings of existing sports clothes and provides optimization suggestions through research on sports and fitness crowds.

Consumer purchase of sports clothes

The questionnaire includes the way to purchase custom athletic clothes, the frequency of purchasing sports clothes, the reasons for dissatisfaction with sports clothes on the market, the key factors to consider when buying sports clothes, and uncomfortable parts during fitness. The research results show that the research objects mainly purchase sports clothes through Internet channels, accounting for 70.8%; in the necessary sorting score for sports fitness, sports clothes and yoga mats have the highest scores, indicating that sports clothes is a very important item in fitness activities; In terms of the frequency of purchasing sports clothes, most people purchase one or two sets of sports clothes each year.

Reasons for dissatisfaction with sports clothes on the market

The primary reason for the research object's inability to buy suitable sports clothes is that there is no favorite style, followed by the fact that sports clothes styles are not suitable for everyday wear. The first factor considered by respondents when buying sports clothes is fabric, the second is comfort, and the third is design style.

When participating in fitness activities, the main uncomfortable parts of sports clothes are the collar, chest, and crotch in order. Many sports and fitness enthusiasts reflected that the chest position of the clothes is always off-center, which is very troublesome and hopes to be improved.

Consumer preferences for purchasing sports clothes

The survey questionnaire includes the research subject's habits of purchasing sports clothes, favorite sports clothes styles, favorite sports clothes styles, favorite colors, favorite patterns, favored fabrics, and attention to fabric performance. When purchasing sports clothes, the research objects mainly purchase them as a set, accounting for 50%. Among them, sports vests are best equipped with breast pads. The research results show that 71% of the research objects prefer fitted tops with moderate clothing length. The reason for choosing fitted tops is that they are more flexible and lightweight during exercise. In the research on the favorite sports clothes style of the research subjects, the professional sports style and the comfortable home style have the highest proportion, accounting for 38% and 35%, respectively. The majority of the research subjects prefer bright and lively colors, accounting for 63%. Bright and vivid colors can help people get the passion for sports. In terms of patterns, the favorite pattern of sports clothes worn by the research subjects is a simple and modern design, accounting for 49.8%, followed by sports clothes without patterns, accounting for 30.6%.

In the score ranking of fabric performance favored by the research subjects, set the highest score to 6 points and the lowest score to 1 point. Calculate the number of questionnaires for the six types of fabrics of moisture absorption and quick-drying, softness, wear resistance, elasticity, lightness, and other performance feedback received by the surveyed subjects. The research results show that the softness, elasticity, and moisture absorption and quick-drying performance of the fabric are the most favored by the research subjects.

In the investigation of the reasons why the research subjects choose fitness activities, most of the respondents believe that fitness, weight loss, and body shaping are the main considerations for their fitness activities. Therefore, in terms of the preferred style of sports clothes, healthy and energetic fashion sports style is the ideal sports clothes style in most people's minds.

In terms of the preference for sports clothes colors, most interviewees prefer lively and bright colors, contrast colors, and complementary colors. Some people also like natural colors such as white and forest colors, which also match the sports clothes style preferred by the respondents.